Working For Surf Berbere

Not Just Having A Lush Time Surfing!

Working For Surf Berbere

What does it mean to “live the dream”?

Getting up every day with nothing to do but go surfing gets pretty close…. but probably not that fulfilling! We are looking for energetic people that are looking to find the perfect balance between surfing and good old-fashioned hard work.

The reason being that in life you have to make the sacrifices to really get the pleasure from your passions. We are dedicated to making sure our guests have an amazing experience, to do this requires real work and effort. In return, we make sure that people who work for us also have an amazing time! Due to our ever-growing customer base, we are constantly looking to hire people who can benefit our company. As we’re growing so much, one of our employees actually recommended that we consider getting some HR Software to ensure we can complete human resources more efficiently, allowing our staff more time to spend with customers. That was a great suggestion. Running a business can be tiring, especially as there are so many things that need to be done, but a lot of operations are being digitalized lately. This gives businesses a lot more time to spend doing fun things. HR services are a big job, just like social media marketing. Of course, growing social media accounts can also be made easier with companies like nitreo that can help you grow your Instagram account. This takes some responsibility off the marketing team. Perhaps we should look into both of those suggestions. At the end of the day, the company is all about customer experiences, so it’s vital that we have enough staff to match the number of employees we have. Our business is always growing and becoming more digital, so we can ensure the admin side of the business is completed as we have fun with our customers.

working for surf berbere

1) Come & Experience Taghazout

Every so often a specific job role comes up within our rapidly growing company and we will put out an advert both on the website and through some of our partners. However, more often than not our jobs are filled by people that we know and trust that have spent time with us scoring the waves of their lives. That is the only way to really know whom we are dealing with.

The last two hosting roles went to former gappies, prior to that, our yoga instructor role went to a former guest that had been out with us on three different occasions.

You only have to look at the guys on the Surf Berbere management team they were all people that came out and stayed with us for extended periods, begged for jobs and then when the opportunity presented itself, stepped up to the plate to perform like champions.

2) Be Like Napolean Dynamite

How does this help you with your job application? Two things: firstly, one line e-mails saying you are a BSA surf coach looking for some winter work won’t get you a job.

Secondly, if you are really serious about getting work in one of our camps then you are going to have to go the extra mile to prove it! We have made it our company policy that if a local guy can do the job then we won’t recruit someone in from abroad to do it even if it would be cheaper.

You will have to show you have language skills, extra curricular skills, video editing, photography or anything to show that you have something that we won’t be able to get from our local guys on the ground. Napoleon Dynamite was spot on when he was saying you’ve got to have “skills”.

career at surf berbere

Interested In Working With Us?

Do Please Get In Touch!

Once you have sent us a mind-blowing CV we will have a look through it and see if there is anyway we can welcome you into the Surf Berbere family. If we can’t help you directly then we are pretty well placed to put your application to a few of our partners and even the competition.

All that we ask is that you put in the yards before you get in touch to show that you really are serious about working with us. Either come out on a surf holiday to experience Taghazout and life with us, or send through something that will make us stand up and pay attention to what you are offering.

E-mail our HR team at


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