Surf and yoga holidays in Taghazout, one of the world’s most spectacular surf destinations.


GBP 470 per person per week

At Surf Berbere we understand that sometimes you need to get away from the daily grind and give your body and mind a chance to relax.

Our Morocco surf & yoga weeks are all about relaxation, spending time with mother nature, your wellness, transformation and rejuvenation. We’re here to create an experience that inspires peace, serenity, inner strength, calmness and to make sure you have a good time!

surf berbere surf camp terrace in taghazout

How A Normal Day Looks

Every morning we wake up to a delicious buffet of fresh fruits, cereals, yoghurts, breads and spreads and pancakes down at the cafe (which is about 40 meters to the right of the surf camp). This gets us ready for a full day out surfing.

At about 9.15am, we head up to the surf shop with the surf coaches, organise our boards / wetsuits and load up the cars to head to the beach for the day. Normally we’ll have a couple of hours of coaching in the morning, then eat our packed lunches down at the beach with some more surf coaching in the afternoon for anyone that still has the energy!

Once we get back, we have a some time to relax, shower, have a tea or coffee watching the waves.

Then every evening at around 5:30pm we have a yoga session in time for sunset over Hash Point, one of Morocco’s most beautiful vantage points. Below is a picture of our open air studio that enjoys stunning views over Hash Point.

Our Yoga Teaching Styles

Our yoga instructors, Hayley and Chanti have a wealth of experience of teaching yoga all over the world. Our classes are a mix that has been developed over the years to help improve wellness, but also to help the body recover from a long day of surfing.

Our style of yoga is physically demanding due to the constant movement from one pose to the next (Vinyasa) practiced in its correct sequential order. Our Ashtanga style gradually leads the practitioner to rediscover his or her fullest potential on all levels of human consciousness, physical, psychological, and spiritual.

Combined with the practice of correct breathing (Ujjayi Pranayama), postures (asanas), gazing point (driste) and energetic locks (bandas), we help you gain control of your senses and uncover a deep awareness of yourself.

surf & yoga in morocco with surf berbere
surf & yoga studio at surf berbere taghazout camp

Beautiful Open Air Studio

We have custom built one of the most spectacular yoga spaces in Morocco. Our yoga studio has amazing ocean views right over Hash Point, out over the Atlantic.

The space is completely open air, so as you relax and lie back, all you see are crystal blue skies and the wispy white clouds.

We are not interested in cramming in hundreds of guests, so we have a limit of no more than 12 people per session in the space ensuring that you will always have our yoga teacher’s attention.

We also have a couple of exercise balls and ropes if you want to do some extra stretching, pre or post a surf session, or just generally need a space to stretch out.

Eat Healthy, Feel Healthy

Three meals, inspired by the Mediterranean and Moroccan diet will be provided daily. We try and source the majority of our produce so that it is seasonal, organic, or locally sourced.

The Agadir region is one of the most fertile in Morocco and all our fruit and vegetables come from local farms, which when prepared with love (and a bit of virgin olive oil or argan oil) result in mouth watering, nutritious and delicious cuisine.

Breakfasts are always served out on the wooden decking of our cafe. Lunches are prepared each morning in the cafe and are taken down to the beaches with us for our day of surfing and are normally a salad or a baguette with some nuts, fruit and snacks (well you are on holiday, a few crisps are ok if you are surfing all day!).

Every evening after the yoga session, we prepare a three course dinner that is served up on the Surf Berbere surf camp roof terrace, arguably one of the most spectacular terraces in Morocco.

During the daytime we provide bottled water. At breakfasts fresh coffee and tea are available. When booking in with us, just let us know of any food allergies or special dietary requirements and we will ensure that you are well catered for.


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Fun Day Trips

imsouane surf trip with surf berbere


When the swell is right, we’ll try and get you up to Immesouane, home to one of the longest right hand waves in the world! Immesoaune is a beautiful fishing town with a stunning backdrop of mountains and cliffs. It is an absolute favourite of our guests and we try and get up there as often as we can. We head off nice and early in the morning, have a morning session surfing, then hit up the fish market for locally caught catch of the day. This is then grilled up to be served with some fries and salads. We normally have time for another session in the afternoon before hitting the road back to Taghazout.

paradise valley surf trip with surf berbere

Paradise Valley

Once a week we try and take a group off to Paradise Valley. It is a 45 min drive to the mountains behind Aourir. Once we have parked up, we do a 15 minute walk into the valley where you come across a series of lush rock pools in a beautiful oasis. Normally we have a tajine up there, cooking whilst we are off swimming and doing the rock jumps. Then on the way back we stop off at an argan cooperative where the local ladies show you how the oil and creams are all made!

agadir souk trip with surf berbere

Agadir Souk

This is what we’d describe as an entry level souk. Charming, easy going and no hassle, but with all the same moroccan artifacts that we were hoping to find. If you ask the hosts, we can easily organise a group to head in to Agadir for an afternoon of wandering round the souk where you can get your last minute presents for the family back home, or just look longingly at stunning moroccan lamps that will in no way work in your house back in England!

surf and yoga in morocco with surf berbere

Day Trips & Extras Explained

Day trips, massages, and beach rides are not included in the package, but we are more than happy to organise them for you. The Surf & Yoga Package has 5 days of surfing, this means you'll have a day off and potentially if you have an evening departure flight, another half day to fill at least.

So with this in mind, we have some great extra activities that you can do. We have the paradise valley trip for just 300dhs all in, the Immesouane day trip is 300dhs.

If you fancy heading to the Agadir souk, we can organise for you to go in for just 100dhs, for all of these trips we need a minimum of 3 people to be keen to go otherwise we'll need to charge a bit extra. Then other things you can try out are camel riding, horse riding on the beach, or if you are a bit tired or fancy a bit of relaxation we can book you in for a massage (from 400dhs for an hour).

What’s Included In The

Surf & Yoga Package

GBP 470 per person per week

This is an amazing all inclusive week packed full of surfing, yoga, healthy delicious food and generally good times. The goal is that you don’t have to dip in to your wallet at all once you are with us, so you can relax and get on with enjoying your holiday!

• 7 nights accommodation in our Taghazout surf camp.
• 5 days surf lessons
• 5 days board hire
• 5 days wetsuit hire
• 5 sunset yoga sessions
• Cafe KR buffet breaky, packed lunches at the beach and all evening meals up on the camp roof terrace.


Not Included

– Flights
– Airport Transfers

Whilst the airport transfers are not included, what we do is split the fare between everyone coming in on the same flight. So for the 55 min ride, the max you will pay is 22 (300dhs, which is the standard fare determined by the local government), but if you come in on a popular flight, you can split the cost with up to 7 other people.

If you are coming as a group, let us know and we can include the airport transfers with your package.

Guest Feedback: Surf & Yoga Package

Super Happy Campers

Thank you so much for the most amazing week. We had the best time ever and can’t wait to come back!


Guest Feedback: Surf & Yoga Package

Amazing Taghazout Surf Trip!

Guys, couldn’t fault it, the food was great, the company excellent and Imad and Rachid had me standing on day 1. I am already thinking about when I can come back again.



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Are There Set Arrival Days

We don't have a set arrival day, so the best thing to do is to check with your flights to work out when is the most convenient for you, and you can book instantly online with us below.

Daily Schedule
8am - 9am: Cafe KR Buffet Breaky: Every morning we lay out a spread of fresh fruits, yoghurts, cereals, locally baked breads and spreads, plus some pancakes to get you ready for an action packed day.
9:15am: Meet Your Instructors: We have the most lovely surf instructors and we'll do the intro's at breaky then they will take you up to our surf shop to organise your board and wetsuit for the day. They'll give you a big bottle of water for the day as well.
10am: Hit the beach: But don't charge for the water just yet, first, we need to make sure you get a proper warm up and some instruction. Down at the beach we have a couple of hours of coaching (no more than 8 guests per instructor, but generally it is 2 - 5 guests per instructor).
12.30pm Salads & Delicious Baguettes: A tasty packed lunch is served down at the beach. Gone are the days of getting a crusty cheese baguette! We try and get you a nice mix of healthy and nutritious salads with locally sourced ingredients. (If you have an allergy or intolerance just let us know, we'll happily cater for you). In addition there are some fresh fruits, crisps, nuts and cookies!
1.30pm - 4pm: Surf & Beach Activities: Our instructors are on hand to give you more coaching in the afternoon, but if you feel your arms can't take it any more, we often have a game of frisbie or footy on the go down at the beach. Fancy reading your book, also fine, we have our umbrellas set up for you to chill out and relax!
4.15pm: Home Time: We try and get back to the surf camp for around 4:30 to 5pm each day, this gives you a bit of time to relax, have a shower or a coffee before our yoga class.
6pm: Sunset Yoga: Relax and stretch out those muscles in our open air studio enjoying stunning views over the ocean. It doesn't get much better than this, lying back to clear skies as the sun slowly sets over Anchor Point.
7:30pm: 3 Course Dinner:Every evening we have a delicious, hearty dinner prepped by our in house chef Mohamed and his team. Most evenings there is a starter of a soup or salad, followed by a mix of traditional meals such as tajines and couscous, to the less traditional brochettes and bbq fish. Momo's apple crumble is something to watch out for as well!
Getting To Taghazout

Getting to us is easy, there are budget airline flights from most countries to Agadir Airport at least once a week. Agadir airport is our nearest airport (just 55 mins away), but we can also organise transfers from Marrakech and Essaouira. Here is a quick outline of the costs for the transfers (which we split between everyone coming in on the same flight to keep costs down for you):

Agadir Airport: 300dhs (roughly £22)
Essaouira Airport: 700dhs (roughly £51)
Marrakech Airport: 1200dhs (roughly £82)

Can I Come For Less Than A Week

Yes of course! Our most popular packages are for a week, but that doesn't mean you can't set up your bespoke package with us. If you look here, under our BESPOKE PACKAGES page, you can create your own perfect Surf & Yoga holiday.

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