Roofing The Primary School

Oh, And Sorting Out Their Bathroom Situation

The Challenge

How to finance building a new roof over the kindergarten and pay for a new set of toilets in the local primary school.

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The Solution

Well, I was sort of ambushed by an association of the parents of the children at the local school. What was initially presented to me as a nice cup of mint tea and a meeting about trying to help the school with a couple of their projects, quickly turned into a meeting on how we could help raise the money to build a new roof and a set of toilets for the kids in the kindergarten. So we made the decision there and then to fund the cause and actually put up 80% of the money needed and chase a couple of other people in town that we thought would finish the funding. Another kind parent was willing to contribute his team of workers for a couple of days and with a bit of a nudge a few other wealthy individuals have chipped in and away we go, the school was getting its new roof last week!

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