Taghazout Round Up From Surf Berbere

Building work, gappies and finally some swell!

Taghazout News From Surf Berbere

The last couple of months have been pretty full on for our guys. We’ve been flat out trying to get our cafe running like a dream with a brand new set of terraces, kicked off another sold out gappy course, and busily preparing another apartment in the Bouad House.

The Cafe Is Looking Mzuena

The cafe has been the main priority for the last couple of months and the side terrace is starting to look absolutely sensational, the concrete flooring with traditional tiles, wooden pergola from reclaimed timbers and even the garden at the back is starting to take shape (although the guys are struggling to differentiate between the weeds and the plants that we actually want to grow).

Another Sold Out Gappy Course Gets Started!

This year we have Ivo taking the gappy course and he got off to an absolute flyer! Moroccan belly got him in his first week and wiped him out, he’s since recovered and helped guide a cracking bunch for the last month. Because we haven’t had a huge amount of swell in Taghazout, the guys have been hitting Tamri hard and it is showing in their surfing, they are making crazy good progress (more than any other group we’ve ever had), so we’re quietly confident that with assessments still 5 weeks off, the guys are in great shape!

Bouad House & Taghazout Building Work

Finally to the Bouad House! It wouldn’t be Taghazout if there wasn’t a real building project underway, oh the sweet sound of a hammer banging away through the night as someone is doing an illegal extension away from the watchful eyes of the authorities! Whelp, we are nearly there with our newest apart, we’ve got a pretty similar floor layout to the Bouad 3 Bed apartment, but instead we’ve split it into two.

Part one is a simple double bedroom ensuite room with it’s own private access. Part two, is a two double bedroom apartment with a twist. The back bedroom has a funky single bed bunked over the top of the double. We’ve stolen some riad in Marrakech’s designs and tried to make it our own and time will tell if it looks anything like the original (or…… even better!). Either way, it’s mid way to being done and we’re just getting very excited by tile patterns as they go in!


Surf Camp Bookings Welcome We're really pleased to announce that we are now taking bookings for September onwards. It's been a crazy three months. Morocco went in to a coronavirus lockdown suddenly and hard. Police and military on the streets, no outdoor excursions...

The Taghazout surf season’s been just swell so far!

Rather than store all these amazing pictures from our Taghazout surf camp on my computer for months (years) and never share them with anyone, I thought i’d force myself to get round to posting some of the best ones so far this season up here. A huge shoutout to Spike...

Taghazout Sewage Update Late 2019

Phase 1 Was Complete! We thought that we were in the clear, we had a great Summer of no one getting sick and were all set for a fantastic Winter season of perfect waves and sunshine.... Sadly the subject that no one wanted to be talking about, is now at the forefront...

Taghazout, Instagram Heaven

With all the new bars and cafes, a whole new set of people are visiting Taghazout, no longer a place for just the diehard surfers over Winter! OK, so you’ve read all the articles about ‘grammers’ getting free trips, posing in special locations, in fact, queues forming...

Catching Up With A Former Gappy – Manuel

We've Reached Out To Former Gappy Manuel To Find Out What He's Been Up To Since Qualifying As A Level 1 Surf Coach How long ago was it since you did the Surf Berbere Surf Instructor Course? I Guess it was about 4 to 5 years ago What have you been up to since doing the...

Taghazout Sickness And Sewage Update

After months of problems with the sewage network, we're finally all clear! The good news…. the sewage is now being pumped away to the treatment plant and the village has been sickness free since the start of May. The bad news….. well there isn’t really any bad news,...

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