30 Days Into Becoming A Surf Instructor

3 Months Of A Different Kind Of World

By Grace Morgan, Gappy Jan 2017!

Surf’s Up, No Time To Be Lost!

They sent us straight into the water the next day with foamies under arms, setting the tone for the amount of surfing that we would be doing as the weeks pass. Most of the group ditched their foamies as quickly as they possibly could, but those of us still with them formed the elite ‘foamie homies’, a group that surely everybody would want to be a part of. Although maybe not so much when they land on your head with a dull thud after a spectacular wipeout.

wave check before surfing

Tamri = Current

It’s always good to go to a new spot, especially when we are forewarned about a strong current that will send us drifting down the beach, who doesn’t like a challenge eh. It’s always good to get an early beasting to show you where you need to get to?

Every Monday sends a ripple of silent tension through the camp as it is the day that our efforts are captured on video for the slightly feared video analysis. We have developed a love-hate relationship with Patrick the photographer; as lovely as he is, we know that when he stands with us at the van in the morning, he will be the one that either makes us look great or…not so. Or maybe that’s down to us, about this I’m still undecided. Although, he is certainly responsible when he throws a comedic wipeout into somebody’s edited footage.

Days off are caught between the want to do everything and nothing, a limbo that is yet to be mastered. Road trips are becoming the thing as people are desperate to get in a car and drive, funnily enough, nobody is keen to let me learn on the dusty roads. Last week a few of us hiked through the picturesque Paradise Valley (I’m not a fan of hikes but that was an impressive one) and then on to a nearby Souk. Of course, trips are planned around stopping somewhere that can supply us with a piping hot tagine.

ludovic with his eco board surfing in morocco

30 Days Down…

The first thirty days have been filled with a multitude of things, most of which seemed alien until they suddenly didn’t. The Moroccan customs and way of life seemed a little daunting until one day they didn’t, even our weekly work outs seemed intimidating until they didn’t. Now that the settling in is over and done with, let’s see what else you’ve got Morocco.

4 Week Video Feedback Analysis Clips

Short 20 second clips of a few waves and pretty instantly you can see what needs to be worked on!

Taghazout’s Surf Season So Far

This year it has been a tale of one spot really, ANCHOR POINT. Having lived in Morocco for 7 years and travelling back and forwards for a few more years, I have noticed a huge difference in how each season’s swells have worked at the points.

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30 Days In To Becoming A Surf Instructor

A month ago we arrived, people from all corners of the world centred in this little pocket of Morocco. As a Moroccan newcomer, my first experience of a taxi ride from the airport in a rickety car that was barely holding together, confirmed that this would definitely be a kind of three months different from anything and anywhere else.

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Grand Finale To 12 Weeks Of Surfing In Morocco

With the final assessment done and most of the coaching hours complete, surfboards were strapped to the van and all the gappies set off on their final trip of the course – back to the beautiful south of Morocco for more surf, sunsets and fun!

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Gappies doing their lifeguarding!

In the blazing sunshine Thorny led his band of merry gappies from Taghazout beach for a quick paddle round to Panoramas to start their week of assessments.

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Mirleft, Sidi Ifni = Pumping Waves & Good Times

Trip south….. Last month the vans were loaded, snacks purchased, playlists (good and bad!!) were prepared and we quit the overwhelming odours of our beloved Taghazout

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New season, new gappies, new ideas, same team (with a few tweaks!).

There was a palpable sense of relief when the Summer came to an end in Taghazout. Don’t get me wrong it is still a lovely place to come and visit during July and August, but it is not the same place that we love.

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