We hit the road in search of waves!

Taghazout, whilst renowned for its pumping point breaks is actually quite a sheltered part of the Moroccan coastline facing south, south-west, so it takes either a westerly swell or a big northerly swell to wrap around the points and light them up. With this in mind, the gappy team headed to Sidi Ifni, a former spanish port a good 3 hours drive south of Agadir, hunting down the surf.

What we found down there was everything we could have hoped for. A cute little hostel to stay in, but more important big wide vast open beaches with perfect chest to head high waves and a gentle offshore wind! Sure the current’s were a bit stronger than those we get in Taghazout, but all of those sessions up at Tamri and paddling races have been done for a reason, preparation for the good days.

Here is a little video that Asher made for the trip. It is only short, but given that this is a Gappy that couldn’t surf before he arrived in Morocco in September, it is pretty awesome to see him pumping along these waves!

Instructor Course Team Head South In Search Of Waves

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