Perfect Right Handers

Morocco is home to some of the best spots in the world, we collected some videos to show you just how good they really are!

If you are thinking about your next surf trip and Morocco is one of the options, look no further. We have prepared a selection of the best surf videos made over the years from pro surf trips, to amateur movie makers, all experiencing the land of the perfect right hander. To ensure that you don’t waste a whole day in the office, we have also put in a few highlight sections, so you can just sit back and watch the waves roll in without all the ‘bro chat’ about how they discovered Morocco. If you know of any other videos that we should add, please just leave a comment below.

Billabong Europe Hit Morocco

Ok, so where to begin, this opens with some moster waves out at a reef in a secret spot, and actually the reason this is the first in our selection is that it is just densely packed with perfect waves from Sidi Ifni down South all the way up to Safi and it’s barreling right hander.

Highlights To Skip To:

26s – 3.39 – huge big wave tow in section

5.47 – 10.40 – Safi barrels rammed down your throat, one after another!

Vans Europe Safe Raid

Don’t be fooled by the fact you can see a longboarder on the cover of this video, skip to 3.58s and watch the best (categorically) wave you will ever see someone surf in Morocco.

Highlights To Skip To:

3.58s – end – The most perfect Right Hander You Will EVER See!

Down Days – Surfing Draculas

So you have just seen the most perfect barrels in Morocco, now watch a few minutes of the longest, fastest, hardest pumping right hander in our area of Taghazout. There is a lot of chat, so skip right to the good bit, Draculas absolutely firing!

Highlights To Skip To:

11:15s – 16.02s – The longest, greatest section of waves coming in at Boilers and screaming all the way down Draculas for miles, literally miles!

Surf Holidays Taghazout – Surf Berbere

Now that you have seen the best waves that Morocco has to offer, the next thing is you just need to book up your surf trip. This is a little video we made to promo what we offer, which is great all round surf holidays in Taghazout. You are right on the waterfront, get driven to great waves every day, eat like a king and chill out with our other guests on the most stunning roof terrace in Morocco…. what else could you want!

Highlights To Skip To:

0s – The End – We think Gudi the filmmaker did a great job encapsulating what a great all round holiday staying with Surf Berbere is. We hope you like it and if you can think of anyone else that you fancy coming on a surf trip, then please share this post with them to try and convince them to come with you as well.

Please share this post with someone you think will fancy a surf trip out to Taghazout with you!

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