Ramadam, Building Schools and SB News

We're re-fitting the cafe, helping build schools, all whilst Ramadam is on, oh and there are some waves!

As we enter the summer months, it’s always nice to have a bit of a catch up. The guys have been hard at work in spite of it being Ramadam at the moment.

This week saw us featured in Flight Network’s top 55 surf destinations in the world. It’s a heck of a bucket list to tick off, but I am sure some of you are up for it. Regardless, it is nice for our little patch in the world to get a feature.

Cafe Fit Out = More Loos…

We are in the middle of redoing the cafe. We’re not completely changing things, but re-tiling the whole space, adding in an extra toilet (yep we’ve all got a bit fed up of waiting) and hopefully making the kitchen area the most hygienic space in Morocco…. we’re installing 4 new wash basins to help with this.

It’s pretty tragic what gets us excited these days. Anyway, here is a photo of the new loos… don’t worry, it’s still a building site, we’ll get them tidied up.

Taghazout Primary School Building!

We’re also delighted to be involved in helping the local primary school rebuild two run down buildings in to one absolutely great new space where they have enough room for four new classrooms. This project was led by the President of the Commune and he came up with a nice plan that basically involved us being a back stop. We offered to make up any deficit in the build cost. This enabled him to go and speak with other potential sponsors in the area in the full confidence that the project would go ahead. We’ve not finished the fit out, but we have done the main building works! It is hugely exciting seeing what was a small primary school with a couple of tin roofed buildings shaping up to have some of the best facilities, comparable to the private schools in Agadir.

Surf Berbere Team Roundup

In other news, Tudor is getting married this Summer! I can hear thousands of hearts instantly breaking at the news, sorry ladies, this wild stallion has been tamed! Hayley is back in the UK for a couple of months seeing her madre and family and my little boy Bertie has started to move (what he is doing now can in no way be described as crawling!). All go in the world of Surf Berbere.

If anyone is thinking about a surf trip, please do get in touch, we have a promo running giving you 10% off your next surf trip, so just use discount code SB10offSB. The waves have been great the last few weeks and there’s been hardly anyone to surf them with us (check out this blog post to see what we mean >>)

Taghazout News Update

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