Sidi Ifni Surf Trip To The South

The Gappies headed South in search of some waves!

Taghazout and local area was looking like it might be a bit flat for a couple of days so Wail and myself made the shout that now would be a good time to go for our second surf trip down to Sidi Ifni! So 7 gappies , 2 instructors and photographer loaded up the vans and travelled south on the search for waves nice and early on Thursday morning.

We made good time and reached Mirleft at mid day and high tide. The small shore break at Plage Sidi Mohammed/Dar Najmat offered the guys the opportunity to get wet and loosen up after a 3 hour road trip. All spent an hour paddling into fast, steep shore break and getting confident in challenging, shifting peaks. Following the surf we headed over to our accommodation, had a quick lunch and relaxed whilst waiting for tide to drop and points to start working.

The evening surf was at a hidden little bay in Mirleft. This spot is always quiet due to difficult entry down rock face and off the rocks entry straight into the big shore break.

The conditions were very challenging; on shore wind, short wave period and some solid shifting peaks (chest to slightly overhead) all with steep or hollow faces. Initial reservations were forgotten as the group gradually started to paddle with commitment, take late and big drops, some spectacular successes and some big wipeouts.

The guys all came out with big smiles, brimming with confidence at their efforts in a heaving moving shorey.

Our group dinner was followed by a couple of beers in the evening and a session photo/video analysis by head coach Wail.

Friday saw moderate onshore winds and a bigger swell. Local spots checked but no appropriate surf found. Decision made for early lunch and an afternoon surf on the dropping tide. Despite the forecast conditions nothing solid or clean found.

Guys all suited up and surfed at Aftas Mirleft – steep beach or with a right hand reef and point. Again conditions challenging with stiff onshore wind and strong cross shore currents. The group all paddled hard, looked for peaks and gave it their best for little reward. All caught at least one wave and appreciated the challenges of reading waves in tough conditions – a good learning curve and effective water fitness session.

Drive home was made more interesting as we explored the old coast road and the guys got to see a different Morocco. As we took the windy route along the cliffs, we got to see beautiful and simple village and farming communities. Wadis with free flowing rivers and beautiful green and irrigated land. That night everyone slept well!

A successful road trip. Cheers dude!



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