Thinking Of A Surf Trip To Morocco

Here are some great ideas of things you should do whilst you are out travelling Morocco (obviously tailored to a surfer's taste)!
We often get asked ‘What is good to do in Morocco?’ or whether we enjoy morocco tours. Well here are my top ten things to do if you have a little bit more than a week to enjoy traveling around Morocco (slightly weighted towards the surf lover, sure, but you’d expect that….). One of my favourite aspects of travelling is being able to capture those moments. I even have the option of sharing it with all my followers. Speaking of followers, I do want to improve my following count on Instagram. So if it means having to use the help of companies such as socialfollow for some assistance, I guess that may be the route to go down. One of my friends even said that I should consider starting a YouTube channel, especially if I’m going to be taking photos and videos all the time. She said I could do vlogs whilst I’m traveling. Again, I’d need an audience beforehand on YouTube. I’ve heard from a few people that there are websites that can give you more subscribers on your channel. For youtube subscribers buy here. That way, I might be able to get more subscribers if I already appear to have a following. Perhaps documenting my travels would be nice for me to look back on too!

1. Surf Anchors, Killers and Boilers

Obviously this is top of your priority list, scoring the best waves that Taghazout has to offer!

anchor point taghazout surf holiday

big day at anchor point on surf holiday to morocco

Killer point perfect lineup surf trip morocco

boilers pumping surf trip taghazout area

2. Rock Jumping At Paradise Valley

Whilst staying in Taghazout, a great day trip up into the mountains behind Aourir!

Rock jumping at paradise valley with surf berbere on surf holiday in morocco

Paradise valley on day trips with surf berbere

Day trip to paradise valley with surf berbere

3. Go To The Todra Gorges

On your way to the desert, you can see some pretty amazing sights.

visit the todra gorge on surf holiday to morocco

4. Camel Ride Into The Desert

OK, camels smell, but riding into the Saharan sunset is hard to beat.

Desert trip with surf berbere on surf instructor course

5. Climb Mount Toubkal

Just 4,167m high, well worth a go at climbing, just don’t forget to bring your jumpers, it is cold up there! You may also want to bring along a walkie talkie to make sure that you stay in touch with other members of your group or to use in the event that you need assistance for whatever reason.

mount toubkal climb before surf holiday in taghazout

Toubkal climb post surf holiday to taghazout

6. Surf Immesouane And Stay At Jamie’s Campsite

Surf trips as they are meant to be, in an upside down boat…

immesoune surf trip from taghazout

immesoune surf trip staying at jamie's boats

7. Head South To The Empty Barrels Of Tifnit & Sidi Ifni (And Visit Legzira)

Want big open exposed pumping beach breaks, and probably the craziest red cliff you’ll ever see!

surf trip to sidi ifni on surf instructor course

8. Visit Essaouira

essaouira day trip from surf berbere

essaouira city walk with surf berbere

9. Grill Sardines And Enjoy A Sundownder @ Surf Berbere In Taghazout

Beers, grilled fish and sunsets, hard to top this!

surf berbere in taghazout morocco surf holiday

cafe kr from surf berbere terrace surfing trip to morocco

10. Hit Up The Marrakech Souks Before You Fly Home

Welcome to the insanity, a unique attack on the senses, enter the hustle and bustle!

Marrakech day trip from surf berbere surf camp taghazout

marrakech sunset with morocco surfing holiday

Some honourable mentions….

Kitesurfing In Dahkla

kitesurfing in dahkla

Stay In A Riad In Fez – Like This One

riad in fez luxury stay

Head To Merzouga

Merzouga in the storm surfing holiday morocco

Hit Safi For A Big Swell Like These Boys…

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