Arguably The Most Famous Wave In Morocco, It Just Showed Us Why!

Anchor’s is still arguably the best spot in Morocco. We have spent hours and hours debating this over and over again. Sure it is pretty hard to look beyond Safi’s barrels (see the blog “Land Of The Perfect Rights” if you don’t know what I am talking about), or even the sheer length of ride that we were able to get up at Draculas last April.

But here’s the thing, year after year, Anchors comes up with the goods. Today was not all time, but you only had to see how many surfers were out there getting amazing waves to realise that it is a pretty special spot. We have the pleasure of looking up to Anchors from the cafe every morning. When it is working, all we see is line after line heading down the rocks. At the peak, all the surfers just look like little seals.

Some people are put off by the crowd, but the reality is that when this wave is working, it is a wave machine and if you don’t fancy having your head bitten off by a jumped up local, the inside section is often even more of a beaut than the main peak and there are just tons of waves to be had by everyone (the picture above was shot by Mourad of Bagus surf camp, whilst sat having a morning coffee at our cafe).

Anyway, below are some shots that our new photographer Charlotte got this morning. It’s not all time, but it is still pretty damn good. Especially when you consider how much rain is going to be hitting the UK over the next few days, it really starts to put the idea of surfing in the sunshine on waves curling over your head into perspective!

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